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          的TEDx的@ AIS 2019:寻找我们自己

          Choa Mun has moved frequently throughout her life and as a result, she was always rebuilding friendships, as well as working to maintain her previous ones. Through this, she realized the importance of communication in building 和 maintaining relationships, as well as the rarity of pointless conversations.


          As a teenager, Saamyak Sharma has seen some cases where the media has twisted news. He decided to make a talk to help people out with going in depth about media bias. He has been around media 和 that is what got him interested in his talk.


          One of the most commercially viable sports, football is in dire need of change because of massive corruption throughout the skeleton of the sport. It has led to a lot of consequences with shady business, human rights issues, 和 so on. In this talk, George Alex focuses on how the sport needs to correct itself.

          Yusia Xiao has no idea why she chose her topic, but it’s probably because she low key wanted to BS her presentation. And only later on did she realize that she did too much grounded research for it to be complete BS. The main goal of Yusia’s talk is to spread awareness of the negatives of BS’ing.

          Since 2014, Jessie Choy has been an active volunteer of tutoring ethnic minority children. This act has inspired her to think of cheap, yet effective methods to improve a learning environment to help these children. This talk taps into the unexplored realm of smell in education.

          Lately diversity has been a common topic of discussion when Hollywood is mentioned. Most of it has been based on assumptions and beliefs, but Florencia Emulo’s talk brings out the actual statistics. ‘Casting a light on Hollywood’ has the sole purpose to bring awareness to this issue, 和 encourage a change.

          Growing up, Esha Mahbubani watched the ones closest to her suffer from mental health issues 和 who were afraid to open up about it due to the stigma surrounding this issue. In this talk, she hopes to be able to open up a conversation that is swept under the rug in many Asian cultures.

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